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What is Passport.GG?
Passport.GG is a SaaS solution for the organization of events. We are an IT solution and provide communities and organizers with tools. We are not responsible for content and actions from the side of the organizers, hence if you have any questions related to the event itself - please address them to the event organizers (you can find this information on the event pages)
What is the Gamer's Passport?
Gamer's Passport - is an individual ID of the player within our system. We allow every gamer to track the history of participation in the events, participate in the competitions, gain points in the rankings and, as the result, get benefits from the daily gaming activties. Our vision is to provide every gamer with a digital indetity for Web3 based on the Passport.GG account.
Who can organize events and tournaments on Passport.GG?
Every individual or organization can start activities on Passport.GG. You can benefit from our advanced events and ranking engine with a standard account. If you are looking for a more refined experience (e.g. custom URL, high amount of participants) - you can benefit from our premium accounts. Federations and other governing bodies can benefit from extra services and abilities (e.g. defining professional players, KYC and confirm them)
What is Community? 
Community within Passport.GG - is the major element of an organizer of esports activities. This part allows an organizer to present itself and start creating the community around the core element (e.g. university, city, group of friends etc.). Community can create events and tournaments. Every community has it's own admin dashboard with major functions and access to it audinece. 
What is Event? 
Event on Passport.GG is a stand-alone activity of the Community, that includes 2 and more tournaments. This section allows to create of a landing page with the event with necessary branding and details) and direct further participants to a registration page of the given tournament. For example, as a part of "My community" you can create an Event "National Esports Championship" and create tournaments within it. 
What is Tournament? 
Tournament is an esports event on a specific game with a particular timeline. For example, as the part of the Event "National Esports Championship" you can create competition on CS:GO and Dota 2
What should I do if I have issues during the competition? 
In most cases, the events are run by independent organizers. If you have any issues, we suggest contacting the organizer (details can be found on the respective Community page). In case if the organizer is not responding or you find the response irrelevant, we invite to contact us via the form below.
What should I do if I have technical issues? 
If you are facing technical issues with the platform, first of all, we would like to apologize. We are working hard to improve users' experience and always feel sorry whenever our beloved gamers face issues. Secondly, please use the form below to communicate with our support team.
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