Short Tag and URL request form
Every team, community, and player should have a right to have a unique tag and address associated with it. This becomes even more important to secure its representation within the Web3 environment. We provide anyone an opportunity to have their unique representation within Passport.GG network. Choose any name as your tag and get a personalized web page with your unique address. Every user can choose a tag from 5 characters and more. Please, don't use the name which is used by a famous team of a player which you don't represent - if you do so, your name will be changed to a standard User ID once the real owner of the name will communicate the claim to us

If you represent a professional team, or you are a recognized esports player, that willing to get a short ID corresponding to your recognized nickname - please fill in this form and after necessary verification, we will provide you with the ID owned by you

If you are not yet a recognized player/team, but still would like to get a unique address - don't hesitate to contact us as well - we will find the best solution suitable for you
Your name
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Link to your official web-page
URL of the official web-page, profile in social medias, HLTV etc
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